Responsive Design...
Posted on 2nd October 2017

So now that I've completed all the modules on HTML and CSS, I've been constantly practising on this website. Trying to get it to display on every device I could think of.

In the end I ended up just scrapping what I'd created so far and rewriting the code for the entire site; using rows and columns to make everything display better.

For the life of me I'm still having trouble resizing things the way I want to. At current I'm not sure what else I can do, playing around with media queries and sizing to specific pixels is proving to be more difficult than I'm sure it's supposed to be. I'll get there eventually.

Now that I have a design that I'm happy with I might see how I get on learning Java and Jquery. Perhaps CSS just isn't the way to go to get the design I want but I now feel I have a very firm grasp on CSS.