Here We Go...
Posted on 21st September 2017

While I've been sat here coding this website from scratch, all I can think about is how hard it is to actually do this stuff. Things not going where I want them to go, code that I thought I knew just not working; but then I sit back and I say to myself; a week ago I couldn't have done this.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I actually wanted to do something with my life; learn some skills and since I was a kid the only thing I wanted to be was a website designer. I remember that being the only thing I wanted but due to either me getting thrown out of school or just not having the opportunity it never came to be.

To be fair when I was in school all I wanted to do was get out of school as soon as possible. I hated every minute of it, then I went to collage but at the same time I discovered pubs and beer so I never really concentrated there, resulting in me getting dead end job after dead end job in factories and call centres.

Through hard work and much stress I managed to get to a good place in a company I like working for and now I have the opportunity to learn how to code. Last week I began learning basic HTML and CSS, amongst SASS and Command Line.

This website is what I've created after a weeks worth of knowledge. A week ago I wouldn't have had the first clue of how to make a side bar with links showing on top of it, or a top bar that stayed in position as you scroll. It's not perfect and it looks different on other websites, but hopefully once I've gotten my head around "responsive design" it should actually do as it's told. Eventually working links to other pages will be added to this and I'll use this site to update on my progress until the point where I get proper ace at coding, then I can set up my own business, make a few websites, sell it on, become a millionaire and retire.

My hope is that at the end of this path I've taken, I'll become a half competant developer, not just with websites but with apps too. Bare with me.