A Fresh Start...
Posted on 20th October 2017

So this is it, a month and a half ago I had no clue on what I was doing with regards to web design. I merely knew how to create basic HTML documents, inserting images etc. No clue on how to code CSS or what any of it did.

The old version of my website was just ridiculous; it was actually sending me insane. I'll briefly explain what I mean.

An "iFrame" creates a window that allows you to see one web page inside of another web page, the dark grey box in the image of my old site is an iFrame and therefore a different page, I wanted to use that to open other pages within there and also use it to blog and you could scroll down the window in the centre of the page.

But for the life of me, I could not get it to display properly on all devices, I'd get it looking perfect on my desktop but then when you see it on a laptop it looked shit. The grey box would just keep going off the page and cutting off content. So I'd get it looking sweet on my laptop, but then it looked too short on my desktop and still too long on my phone.

That's where responsive design comes in, responsive design is a set of code options to get it looking different on all devices, so for the last few weeks or whatever I've been trying to learn all I can with responsive design, but I was getting nowhere. I managed to get it looking good on a desktop and half decent on a laptop and vice versa but it still looked shit on mobile devices.

Then I'd done something to the code that stopped me being able to scroll down on the web page, the more I worked on it the more I was hating web design and the more I was hating my website overall.

So I started fresh. I took a step back, read up on some more CSS stuff online, literally reading it whenever I could get chance; this is what I've come up with.

The funny thing is, the amount I've read this week has probably taught me enough about responsive design to make my old site work how I want it to, but I much prefer this one more. Don't get me wrong, this site was no easy task, the About page alone took me three days because I couldn't figure out how to centre the block of text but still have it so it flows from the left.

In addition the links bar at the top with the logo on the left, the pages in the middle and the social icons on the right, that took an entire day to figure out. Such small things that you think are easy are usually the hardest to get right at first. It's been a massive learning curve but now when I look at this site I smile rather than sigh, I'm proud of this website. This is my first true creation.

I also learnt that in CSS if you miss a single "}" sign, your website will look like shit, I royally screwed this site up at one point and couldn't figure out why, I spent hours going through the code; checking everything. Then eventually I finally realised I'd not closed something off, I did that and voila, all back to the way it should.

You'll notice the large images of me plastered on every page, you'll probably laugh at them and you would be right to do so as they're purely there for your enjoyment!

What this whole thing has taught me is that if CSS is this hard, it's going to take me ages to get grips with the more advanced stuff! But I can now say I can design half decent websites from scratch so that's one life goal ticked off the list. Now I just need to get people to pay me to do this for them ha!

Anyway, I hope you'll continue to follow me and read my blog. It took a lot longer to set up than a crappy WordPress blog. I'll sort out some sort of email subscribe option once I figure out how. I saw a course on it, I'll probably do that when I'm back off holiday.